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Workplace Injury and Harassment

Understanding your rights and navigating workplace injury and harassment is crucial for your well-being. Whether it’s an injury during your commute or duties, or due to employer/co-worker negligence, claiming support for medical expenses, rehabilitation, income loss, and compensation through avenues like WorkCover or insurers is possible. Your safety and rights are paramount – learn to navigate these challenges effectively.


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Safe Work Australia data: Over the past 10 years, 1,850+ traumatic fatalities and 1,140,000+ serious compensation claims.

Which types of workplace injuries qualify for compensation?

Workplace injuries, whether during duties, commuting, or due to employer or co-worker fault, may be eligible for compensation. These encompass physical, psychological, and illness-related injuries resulting from workplace incidents.

How do I start a workplace injury compensation claim?

To initiate a compensation claim, it’s crucial to promptly report the injury to your employer, ensuring swift action. Seek immediate medical attention from your own doctor to address the injury and accurately document the events leading to it, laying a solid foundation for your claim.

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Key steps for workplace injury reporting:

  • Complete an incident report and keep a copy for your records.

  • Contact WorkCover QLD on 1300 362 128 to lodge a claim.

  • If your Employer is self-insured, they are obligated to guide you through the essential steps of filing a claim and commencing treatment.

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Workplace Injury and Harassment FAQs Guide:

Unlock your claim potential.

The "no-fault" principle ensures that employees can claim compensation for workplace injuries irrespective of fault, aiming to provide support and financial assistance to individuals who sustain injuries while carrying out their job responsibilities.

If your employer disputes your compensation claim, you maintain the right to challenge their decision through the appeals process. It's advisable to consult with legal professionals who can offer comprehensive guidance on your rights and assist you in exploring further options to pursue your claim effectively.

In cases of workplace harassment or discrimination, it's imperative to document the incidents, engage with a supervisor or HR representative, and contemplate seeking legal counsel. Swiftly addressing these matters is essential to safeguard your rights and uphold a secure work environment.

Certainly, if you've endured psychological injuries as a result of workplace harassment, you could be entitled to compensation. Such injuries may stem from bullying, discrimination, or other detrimental conduct within the workplace.

Yes, timeframes exist for reporting by the employer and making a claim for a workplace injury. Typically, claims must be lodged within 6 months of the incident, though exceptions apply. Acting promptly to commence the claim process is essential to adhere to the necessary deadlines.